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Meet the wonderful teachers and staff that serve our students everyday at Westchase Music School

Mr. Trevor

Instruments: Piano, Violin, Viola, Music Technology Lab

Background: Mr. Trevor had an interest in education at a young age. After heart surgery left him unable to participate in sports or recess in the fifth grade, Mr. Trevor became a teacher’s assistant, and his love for teaching began to blossom. In the sixth grade, Mr. Trevor began playing the viola. He would go on to become viola section leader in high school. Mr. Trevor’s high school orchestra director Heather Grier (world-renowned violinist and frequent performer with Andrea Bocelli) inspired him to pursue music education as a career.

Mr. Trevor attended the Ybor City campus of Hillsborough Community College in 2008, which is also the year he began teaching music lessons full-time. He became active in student government, and went on to become an award-winning music club president. Mr. Trevor moved on to the University of South Florida in 2011, where he played viola in the symphony orchestra and in several string quartets. Here he studied music education extensively and he also studied orchestral conducting with Dr. William Weidrich. After graduating from USF in 2013, Mr. Trevor taught in several middle, elementary, and high schools. He began teaching at Westchase Music School in 2017, and as of 2022 has been working in the music education field for 13 years.

Mr. Hanspeter

Instruments: Piano, Organ, Classical Guitar, Composer Station and Organ Station Creator

Background: Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Natural Sciences from the University of Zurich and Lucrene. Additional studies in education, pedagogy and didatics. He pursued a career as a high school math and science teacher for over 15 years. When he moved to the US in 1990, Hanspeter trained a a pilot with instrument rating and managed a flight school for 16 years. Now he is a web designer, movie maker, and multimedia specialist for notable local companies and Overseas Enterprises. He is fluent in four languages: German, French, English, and Spanish.

Music: He has 50 years of background experience abd was a part-time church organist for many years. He also studied at the St. Pete College Organ, Piano, and Composition. He is a composer and wrote numerous pieces for piano and organ, as well as two school musicals. He is an active organ builder and is a consultant for room acoustics for various halls and churches

Ms. Kelsey Amerzee

Instruments: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Summer Camp Lead

Background: Kelsey has been in the Tampa Bay area since 2012. She grew to love the area going to school at The University of Tampa until she graduated with her BFA in Musical Theatre in 2016. Since August of 2016, she has been teaching here at Westchase Music School. From master classes to summer camps, group lessons to one on one, she has enjoyed every minute helping make WMS the best place to have a musical experience. In addition to her musical obsessions, Ms. Kelsey loves writing, painting, reading, and perfecting family recipes! When she’s not in her classroom, you can find Kelsey and Mr. Chris throughout Tampa Bay, performing at local establishments like Backwaters on Sand Key, Caddy’s Indian Shores, The Living Room, and more! Follow them on instagram @chrisandkelsfl!

What She Likes About Teaching Music: “When a student comes in my classroom, I want them to know that they are allowed to be there absolute self. I look for authenticity and individuality in my student’s character and heart. I love being able to set a safe space for creativity, musical journeys, and genuine human connect. Music is its own language and there is never a dull moment. You are always learning something new; whether it’s about the music you are making or your own personal a-ha moment.”

Mr. Chris

Instrument: Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele, Rock Band Class, Parent Guitar Class

Background: Chris started playing guitar when he was 14 years old. He studied blues and rock guitar at the Academia Lizard in Fontanetto Po, Italy. He then traveled to America, started playing with local Floridian bands and eventually started his own solo act! Throughout his journey, he learned how to sing play basic Bass and basic drum beats so he could improve his songwriting. He now plays guitar and sings professionally every weekend in the Tampa Bay area! He has released 2 original songs available online, many more to come! His goal is to help students achieve their guitar and songwriting goals the fastest and easiest way possible.

What he likes about teaching music: “I love teaching music because I want to share the light that music brought into my life. Because of my passion, I am always in search of new and innovative ways to teach guitar to make the process of learning easier, faster and more fun!”

Ms. Becky

Instruments: Oboe, Piano, Ukulele

Background: Ms. Becky holds a bachelor’s degree in Oboe Performance from the University of South Florida and a master’s degree in Music Theory from Florida State University. She is an active member of the international music fraternity Sigma Alpha Iota, which provides many opportunities for volunteering to support music educators and students in Tampa. Since graduating from USF, she has been on a quest to broaden her musical horizons as much as possible by picking up the ukulele, dabbling in singing from Renaissance notation, and finding an unexpected enjoyment of opera while living in New York City. She is also a visual artist and enjoys the challenge of combining her visual and musical abilities in a variety of creative projects. When she is not making or teaching music, she enjoys all things superheroes and playing with her puppies.

What she likes about teaching music: “I love watching music help kids grow by gaining confidence, emotional intelligence, improving motor skills, and so much more. The most exciting moments in teaching come from recognizing my students’ growth, discovering new music together, and sharing what I am most passionate about with them.”

Mrs. Brittany

Instruments: Cello, Piano, Violin

Background: Brittnay earned a BM degree in Music Performance from the University of South Florida in Tampa under the tutelage of Scott Kluksdahl. Upon graduating, she received accolades in academic excellence and music history. Brittnay has held several leadership positions in the Pinellas Youth Symphony where she was principal cellist of both the Symphony and Serenade Orchestras and a member of the distinguished Senior String Quartet. Brittnay also had the opportunity to perform in a side-by-side concert with the Florida Orchestra and go on tour with the Pinellas Youth Symphony throughout Italy, German, and Austria. With her Senior String Quartet, she has performed at numerous venues for Mayors, aquariums, weddings, and art galas. She has attended chamber music workshops at the University of Tampa, Florida State University, and Apple Hill Music Festival. Her other primary teachers include: Lowell Adams (Assistant Principal of the Florida Orchestra), Joan Lunde, Helga Winold (Indiana University), and Rebecca Patterson (Principal of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra). Brittnay has been teaching students of all ages and levels how to enjoy playing music with a creative outlook that caters uniquely to each student’s goals and desires since 2009.

What she likes about teaching: “Music is such an expressive art. Once you build the groundwork of a piece with a solid technical understanding, music can be anything you want it to be! The best kind of fun that comes from music is the story that you tell when you play and how much fun you have doing it! I love seeing that moment of pure joy in the eyes of my students and that’s what I strive for most as a teacher.”

Mr. Luke

Instruments: Piano/Woodwinds

Background: Having studied music overseas for 10+ years, Mr. Luke has an in-depth understanding, and passion, for music. Having started with drum-kit and gradually extending out into a more diverse array of instruments eventually finding a particular love of piano and woodwinds. Mr. Luke spent his middle school, high school, and college years performing in the very best ensembles his schools had to offer and regularly traveling internationally to perform with a variety of honor bands in Seoul, Tokyo, Venice, and Hamburg. While in college, Mr. Luke graduated from Wheaton College with a degree focused on Surgical/Veterinarian Health Sciences in addition to the in depth study of Music and Music History. He has played alongside prominent members of the U.S Marine Corps and Air Force band in addition to performing in jazz clubs with his college ensembles. Outside of music, Mr. Luke loves to travel and having lived in Japan, Germany, and England his whole life he has had the opportunity to visit a variety of countries where he collects instruments from around the world. Why do you love teaching? I absolutely love music! Music is something I could discuss for hours without ever getting tired, but most importantly I love sharing that love of music with others. Being able to help students learn both the intricacies of music while also having fun with the process was integral to my development as a young musician. Having the opportunity to inspire the next generations of musicians is so special and being able to walk alongside them is even more important

Mr. Ben

Instruments: Violin/Piano/Guitar

Background: Mr. Ben started his music studies in Gainesville fl at the age of 3 under the Suzuki method. The Suzuki method emphasizes the importance of listening, repetition, and positive reinforcement in the learning process, and encourages parents/guardians to be actively involved in their child’s musical education. 

Mr. Ben’s passion for teaching music blossomed from his first music instructor Sonnhild Kitts. Mrs. Kitts had a tendency to make all her students feel like family and you never left her studio without a smile, a feeling of success, and if you were lucky a plate of her delicious german cooking. 

Music was an everyday aspect of Mr. Ben’s life as his father was the conductor of the local Hausmusik orchestra, which he and his siblings were a part of. After 16 years in classical studies Mr. Ben branched out into various genres of music such as rock, hip hop, pop, and edm. Since then, he has played in numerous bands performing all around Florida and neighboring states, he has a personal project that he is passionate about and continues to perform and grow in his spare time.

Mr. Ben is extremely passionate about teaching and aims to help every student he meets find the ease in what seems difficult and most importantly to show how fun and exciting learning music can be.

“I love the opportunity to help another person find the relaxation and ease in something that seems difficult. Helping others is my passion and being able to do that to the point where they themselves could teach another person the same thing is a wonderful joy to me.” 

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